About Us:

We are consultants working for your business around the world, offering the assistance on import and export of any product you need for your business.


Our company was founded in October 2014, with the objective to market a variety of products and services worldwide, focusing mainly on the Latin American community of central and South America. It is for this reason that our alternative site is located on the Colombian Caribbean coast, especially in Valledupar. One of our main objectives is to meet and satisfy the needs of our global market by implementing high-quality technology to optimize the conditions of life of our customers.


Our mission is to provide the Latin American community our consulting services and all manner of technological and scientific advances that today's the world offers. While improving quality of life and establishing trade links around the world, particularly in the center and south America, grow as a marketer and advisor, addressing and improving the needs of Hispanic communities by implementing marketing solar energy systems at affordable costs for households and the entire industry, commercial areas and government projects. This, achieving ways to implement savings for both households and industry with our complete portfolio of services and products. As business consultants our team takes the time to understand how our customer’s business operates to make intelligent recommendations. We value long- term relationships based on common objectives.