Our company is dedicated to the commercial performance

We are business consultants around the world and we handle import and export goods and / or products. Among the main services, we offer marketing solar energy systems, heavy construction equipment, medical equipment, spare parts and auto parts used for cars and trucks.

Innovation with meaning

We develop new technology that reaches our customers wherever they are and offer them a competitive advantage, ctd our mobile app. We meet the needs of your business with innovations necessary to ensure that their business administration is easy and efficient.

Experience and purpose in the market

We have an innovative business model which is designed to provide the highest quality products by implementing the latest technology range and generating a significant impact delivering and improving the quality of life in the homes of our customers.

Time supply & transport

Our estimated delivery time is 15 to 30 day minimum or expedited delivery upon request. We offer shipping in which we guarantee our customers the safe-handling of the merchandise from its point of origin to its port of destination. Payment systems: CIF or FOB.

Payment terms & banking

Our payment process is as follows: 30% when placing the order and 70% upon shipment of the merchandise. We have several payment options: PayPal, chase bank international and other international payment services.